Friday, October 31, 2014

~ Forest Fairy Hoodie Cape ~

Are you ready for some fun!
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Ok first of all, I will not give you an exact pattern. I will just walk you with some photos and you will use your imagination for the rest of your creation ^:^
This way it more fun and you will find many new tricks by your own.

Let´s start it!
You see the cape part is the combination of Chevon stitch technique and simple shell stitches.

Chevon stitch

The diagram above I found it on internet.

Measure the size you wish to create your capelet. I love to have my capelet overlap.
Start with the shell stitches until you get to the length you desire, then start the Chevon stitch.

 Another way is that start from here and go down to the shell stitches, then the chevon stitch.
But as I mention in another post about this piece that I do not know from the beginning what I would be create, that´s why I attached this part later.

And now is time for the use of the Granny Square

 Joining your Granny Squares together. I use 6 squares x 2 rolls = 12 squares.

 Then crochet your hoodie front part. This one was 60"cm x 35"cm (about)

 Joining them together.

 As you can see, the bottom left side is shorter than the squares, that´s why I need to add some rounds to meet with the squares. You see, there is no rule for it. Just play with it, nothing wrong to have this kind of crazy look, at least for my personal like! It gives the piece looks so raw and unique!
Don´t forget to join the back part of the hood.

 Joining time again.. Any joining technique will work!

Add some buttons for closure and then you are good to go!

Hope you enjoy my instruction and if you have any question just ask.
I used Lana Grossa and Mclana Jazz for this project.

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Happy Crochet
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