Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~ Behind the scene of Autumn Shine ~

Ready for the Woodland journey!
~ ♥ ~

I wish I could share you all the steps of making this piece into live.
Anyway, I will do my best to give you an instruction.

I actually start from the orange part, do you see above photo that have 2 buttons on it. I start it from there. The approximate length of that part is about 130"cm (actually more complicated than that, I just try to give you a simple way) this measurement is measured to be overlap of my shoulder.
 I work hdc, only in the back loops.
The width part you can decide depends on what you like, I combined it with the scarf that I had made a week before Sweet Raspberry
I removed the wooden buttons and crochet them together into one piece.
You can see from the photo below.

Then I have an idea to attach the Granny Square, so I did!

As you can see in the photo above that the shoulder part is overlap.
And now time for the hoodie part!

 I love hdc stitches, don´t know why.
So I made the hoodie part with hdc and again only in the back loops, as I love the texture that gives.
I added some Granny Squares in the hoodie part as well.

now the hoodie part is done!!!

and I crocheted both parts together.

I also crocheted the trim with
ch2 (count as 1hdc), in the same ch st 2dc,1trc,ch1,1trc,2dch,1hdc
The stitches above created a little shell movement you are seeing around the trim.
Continue across till the end and Tadaa!!!!
You are DONE!

 Oh, I have also added these wooden buttons for the closures.

and not to forget, the leaves ^:^
And yeah pretty much it!

Hope you enjoy making yourself a Pixie Hoodie Capelet.

Show off your work by sending me the photos of your creation to myway.maygreen@gmail.com
If you make this for sell, please give me a little credit as your inspiration and that is good enough for me.
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Happy Crochet
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  1. Hello! This is wonderful I would love to make it, but what brand is the multi coloured wool that you use and what size? :)

    1. ~ ♥ ~ Hi, I use Lana Grossa and Mclana Jazz yarns.. This project is a mixed wool with high quality acrylic yarns.. Hook no. 6 and 8... Happy crochet ^:^ ~ ♥ ~

    2. Thank you! one more quick question, how many balls of each type did you use? xx

    3. ~ ♥ ~ Hi, I use altogether about 4 skeins ~ ♥ ~

    4. ~ ♥ ~ Btw, I just changed the comment setting, as I would love to know the person who I am writing to.. So would be nice if you can register yourself or an open ID... Thank you ~ ♥ ~

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  3. Hey! I love your job ! It's really gorgeous and original.
    Sorry, but i don't understand, when you say 4 skeins, it's 4 skeins in total or 4 for each kind of wool ?
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm french, and my question. Thanks you :)

    1. Hello Elwing,
      Sorry for the late reply as I am not active here much any more.. If you wish to contact me please write to love@mywaymaygreen.de or through my new blog www.mywaymaygreen.de
      4 skeins different kind of wool in total, not including the Granny Squares.. Granny Squares are about 2 and a half skeins..
      Hope this help
      Happy New Year!
      May G.


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