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My name is May, I originally from Thailand and now I live on the other side of the world with my beloved husband, in

Go with the flow
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I am a traveler, a dreamer. I love to photograph the beauties that life is offering as I believe there are so much beauty in every corner of our world.

Season Change
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I never cease to fall in love again and again with these marvelous colors that Autumn is bringing along.

I started to crochet more and more since we are living here. You can always find yarn and hook in my purse ^:^

I created and photograph all my creations myself and if you wish to support me, you can purchase my arts here
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All my creations are relate to a Fairy World!
I wanted to support those who love to crochet, as for me crochet is a truly healing journey.
It´s taken me to the world that only me and the yarn and hook in my hands are present.
It´s truly a meditative state of mind.
So this Blog I dedicate to share crochet pattern that written by me and also some patterns that have inspired me and I always put the link to the original source.
All pattern from here will be FREE for You and will never change!
I have another Blog as well, where I share more about myself.
Click the link below to enter
 "A Fairy Tale Story"

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